Coffee Table Project - Update 2
20. May 2022
My beautiful walnut slice is almost dry. It got some cracks during the drying process. It adds a lot of character in my opinion. I bought a slab of padauk wood - also called coral wood - for the butterfly inlays. I hope that the butterflies can hold everything together. But first I have to flatten the surfaces with a router sled. I'll post an update on this when I'm done with flattening.

New Project - Coffee Table
03. February 2022
I bought a nice slice of a walnut tree. It measures 80cm in diameter and is 11cm thick. The slice is freshly cut and will dry in my workshop. I'll post some updates frequently. I'm really looking forward to this project.

19. December 2019
It has been a long time since my last post. I've started several projects and now I have to catch up with the blog and the project sites. So related to my last post, the nice oak slab I bought has finally turned into a nice coffee table. This is the first time I've made and inserted bow ties in a project. I've watched some tutorials on youtube and it was easier than expected. I've used my router to remove the most of the wood and chisels to clean the rest. The bow ties are made of Eucalyptus...

04. September 2019
I bought a lot of oak from my lokal sawmill for a new dining table. This nice oak slab was a remnant from my order and I bought it as well. Before I'll start with my dining table project, I'll make a new coffee table for the living room. I'll try a new finish for the legs and the table top of the coffee table. If somethings goes south, I use a different finish for the dining table. Also the leg design of the coffee table is similar to the dining table. This project...

14. May 2019
It has finally arrived! This is my new little bandsaw...well it weights 110kg, but it's a beauty, isn't it? It fits perfectly in my little shop. I need to tidy up a little, but then I'll post some pictures of the rest of my workshop. But back to the bandsaw. I did a lot of research and it took me month to finally decide which one I'm going to buy. It was clear to me early on that I wanted a machine from RecordPower. But they have so many versions. Check out their arsenal...

23. April 2019
I've just posted a new Instructables. Please find it at: I describe how I turned an old cardboard box into a playhouse for my little girl. Here is a small preview. "We bought a new car seat for our little girl. It came within a huge cardboard box. The little one loves to play with the box. I decided to turn the box into a playhouse for her and I want to show you how I did it. In this Instructable you can follow..."

13. April 2019
Hello world! - This would be my first line in a new programming language I would try to learn. Well actually I did uncountable "Hello World"-programs, but I don't have such a thing for woodworking. I can't remember my first piece I build. Well I made a sailing boat model when I was six or seven, but I don't have any pictures of it. I do remember, that it floated very well on our nearby lake. I guess I've always pursued woodworking my whole life. If I have to define a stating point or piece...

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