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Hello world! - This would be my first line in a new programming language I would try to learn. Well actually I did uncountable "Hello World"-programs, but I don't have such a thing for woodworking. I can't remember my first piece I build. Well I made a sailing boat model when I was six or seven, but I don't have any pictures of it. I do remember, that it floated very well on our nearby lake. 

I guess I've always pursued woodworking my whole life. If I have to define a stating point or piece, then I would say it was the mailbox I built three years ago. I have some pictures of it, but it will not be part of my portfolio. Don't get me wrong, I am very proud of this piece, but the idea of this page is not only to show the work piece, rather than the process behind it. Unfortunately I just have a few pictures of it. Maybe I'll post it in the blog.

I've already mentioned the main purpose of this page. I want to show my work and how I did it. I want to enable and encourage everyone, who is interested, to rebuild the pieces them selfs.

Some of my projects are already posted on and I will successively repost them here. I welcome everyone to ask questions, post comments and put her/his two cents worth in. Please feel free to use the comment sections or my direct contacts.


I hope you enjoy my projects.



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