Hi! My name is... (what?) My name is... (who?) My name is... [scratches] Alex.


I like to build things from any material. I've started with electronics and programming a long time ago. I had a lot of fun with it and shared my projects with world. As I now pursue this as my profession, it became more and more stale in my private life. 

Some years ago I ventured into a new adventure and began with woodworking. I've started with small projects and they grew over time. I added more and more tools, replaced old ones with more advanced machinery. Everything is learning by doing.

The field might be different, but I still kept my open source and open hardware mentality. Everything I do is made to inspire people and to encourage them to rebuild it them selfs. My goal is to inspire and enable everyone, who is interested, to recreate my projects.

I welcome everyone to ask questions, post comments and put her/his two cents worth in. Please feel free to use the comment sections or my direct contacts.


I hope you enjoy my projects.



Copyright © Alexander Wegner